Dichotomy x Dover Street Market

15 September 2016 - New York, NY

In celebration of Ana Khouri’s most recent presentation, Dichotomy, Ana was tasked to recreate the exhibt at Dover Street Market New York, which unveiled during New York Fashion Week on Thursday, September 15. What we deem to be beautiful depends on its context, but where does beauty reside? Is it in the materials it is made from? Is it in its utility? Is it in its design? Sometimes the fairest things are those that are the most ordinary, and sometimes, the things that are automatically said to be so, because they are precious, are not. If beauty is something that is fluid and abstract, then it is not intrinsic to any particular thing. It is also not bound to the quality of materials found in an object, but is in its design. By juxtaposing the pieces with these common objects, Ana hopes to refocus our attention on what makes an object beautiful. Many of these items are not ones that we would describe using that word, but when they are in this space and in a context with other objects we associate with beauty, namely jewelry, they look and feel attractive. Through this renewed focus, these things become unhinged from any associations we have of them and become new again. What’s so compelling is this shift in how we appraise everyday things also impacts how the viewer sees the work. The pieces are no longer simply beautiful because we expect jewelry to be or because of the materials used to make them, they are in spite of them. In the same way that an ordinary object can be elevated to the level of art, so to can jewelry be further elevated through a renewed focus on its form and design.


Gina Earring

Ear Piece

Diamond Lourdes Necklace

Neck Piece

Diamond Claire Earring

Ear Piece

Gertrude Earring

Ear Piece