The Use of Fair Trade Gold


There is no greater charge in our industry than to ensure that we use only those materials that are sourced ethically. Sadly, this is not often the case and the consequences for millions of families and the environment are staggering. It is an integral aspect of my brand to only work using Fairmined gold and naturally sourced stones. Fair Trade mines are run according to exacting social, economic and environmental regulations that protect workers, their families and entire communities, many of which rely on mining as their primary source of income. I cannot overstate the disparity between these mines and those that are unregulated. Mining is one of the most dangerous industries in the world and easily one of the most prone to abuse through conflict, enslavement and child labor. Using only those materials that are certified Fairmined is the one mechanism we have to not only safeguard millions of families from harm, but also to transform their lives by ensuring they are fairly compensated for their work and thus are able to sustainably develop their own communities.


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