Ana Khouri X Narciso Rodriguez

The decision to collaborate can sometimes be a difficult one. Both parties must identify creatively with one another and work together to develop a shared idea. At the same time, you have to maintain a level of creative independence. I never had to consider any of this when working with my dear friend Narciso Rodriguez.

As a designer Narciso has always embodied an approach to clothes that I think mirrors much of what I look to do with jewelry. His designs tend toward the sleek and the sculptural and his clothes embrace the female form. They are also very modern while being versatile enough to go from day to evening. I would hope that the same could be said of my work.

Each piece in this collection—the cuff, earrings and necklaces—is finished in yellow or matte black gold. We wanted the finish to feel a bit rough but the designs themselves to be distinctly sculptural in a way that is reminiscent of ancient tribal pieces, yet very modern and urban.


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