Unique Approach

Ana approaches the design of each piece the way she would a sculpture: working by hand, sketching her ideas until she has a design in mind and then tirelessly working every angle of the piece until its complete. This thoroughness in shaping a piece, to an artistic model in her mind, and to the perfect lines of the female form, is apparent in all of her work. Her unique approach to jewelry, treating it to radical new design techniques while relying on one artisan to shape each piece from beginning to end, is one of the primary reasons that women with exceptional taste everywhere gravitate to her work.

It needs to be stated that every one of these pieces is handcrafted using only the most ethically sourced gold in the world. Gold that is mined irresponsibly is one of the most worrisome aspects of the jewelry market today. It is an integral aspect of our brand to work only with fair trade gold and naturally sourced stones in the hopes that it will empower those producers who adopt fair practices and to encourage those who are reluctant to do so.


Body Lines


Haute Joaillerie Installation, London

Ana Khouri X DSM London Installation

Special Project

Ethereal | Ana Khouri Presentation | Paris



Ana Khouri l Andam 2017 Accessories Prize Winner l Paris