Ana Khouri X The Line


“Jewelry was a natural path for me, because it can be very sculptural and it can be very artistic, but it also has to make sense. It has to be totally connected, anatomic even. You have to have that connection with the body.” – Ana Khouri

A lot of what I do is deconstructing jewelry. I am always thinking: How can I just use one element instead of many? How can I convey a complicated or elaborate idea with a design while using less? I look for something in my work that touches me. I’m not enticed by trendy shapes or materials, but in how to make fine jewelry relevant to everyday life. The Line does so many things, so well, but I think they would agree that these fundamental ideas that course through my work are also at the center of theirs.


Ana Khouri x The Line - Necklace

Ear Piece

Ana Khouri x The Line - Earring with Clip

Ear Piece

Ana Khouri x The Line - Twist Earring

Ear Piece

Ana Khouri x The Line - Construct Long Earring

Neck Piece